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Primos Mastering The Art Mouth Calls Made Easy
Primos Hunting
Average Rating: 4.3 star rating (10 Reviews)
List Price: $17.45
Our Price: $12.64
$4.81 (28%)
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  • Mastering The Art "Mouth Calls Made Easy" Instructional CD
  • Mini Sonic Dome Double
  • Sonic Dome Single
  • Imperial Plate Double
  • See Thru Mouth Call Case
Product Description:
This in-depth CD will teach you to Speak The Language of elk. Listen and practice along as we give you instructions and tips on how to become an expert caller. Three easy-to-blow calls are included with the CD to help you figure out what type of mouth call suits you best.

Mini Sonic Dome Double

You have to try a Mini Sonic Dome. This is not simply a call for youth or people who perceive they have a small mouth. People, who have been calling with regular size mouth calls for years, will be blown away by the elk sounds they can produce with the Mini Sonic Domes. Having a call that fits the roof of your mouth will make all the difference in your calling ability. The Mini Sonic Domes have been designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth with a consistent distance between the reed and the roof of the dome. All this makes it incredibly easy to consistently produce true elk talk.

Sonic Dome Single

Simple and dependable - You’re going to love the way this call works. The Sonic Dome Series has been designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth. The dome gives you a consistent distance between the reeds and the roof of the dome, for an incredibly consistent sound. The Sonic Dome Series calls use latex reeds. These calls will do it all.

Imperial Plate Double

The "Sound Plate" automatically positions the call in your mouth at the right place and angle, making calling elk easier. The 30 degree angle of the Sound Plate, the double-reed design and "V" cut in the bottom reed make the Imperial Plate Double perfect for reproducing cow and herd bull sounds. The "V" cut also adds to the raspy sounds of the herd bull’s growl, bugle, and chuckle.

See Thru Call Case

Designed to carry, organize, and protect your mouth calls whether they are Traditional, Sonic Dome, Sound Plate, A-Frame or PiggyBack.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:
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4.0 out of 5 stars  Sounds good
By Greg on April 14, 2016
I am planning for my first trip to Colorado elk hunting in the fall and bought this so I could practice calling on my way to and from work. The CD and calls seem to work well. It seems like they could have gone a little more in depth with the calls and maybe given more examples. They kind or rushed through the actual practice part. Anyhow, I just rewind it and listen to the short segment again. So I think it is a pretty good learning tool for a novice like myself and it really confuses fellow commuters when I am at a stop light practicing my bugles.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  Great calls
By Mark Brickey on December 27, 2015
Perfect set of calls, I was able to make a cow call and bugle within a hour, the cd really does help, great quality for the price and perfect for beginners like me

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5.0 out of 5 stars  Is teaching me the sounds to make. Different calls ...
By Greg Hanson on June 10, 2015
Is teaching me the sounds to make. Different calls make different sounds. Gonna get ma my elk this year using these calls. GONE HUNTIN .

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1.0 out of 5 stars  Good calls, worthless CD
By A Customer on March 31, 2015
The calls are good. At least I think they will be. I sound like a dying rabbit right now. I'm only rating this a one star because the CD is not helpful at all. Save $5 and buy the calls without the CD.

Put call on the middle of your tongue with the orange piece facing up and toward your teeth..... There, I just saved you five dollars. I was hoping the CD would be to the effect of language learning; making calls and having you try to repeat it. It's not.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  Never used mouth calls before and this is perfect for Beginners
By BDCiff1310 on October 01, 2014
Never used mouth calls before and this is perfect for Beginners. My friends who are expert callers said I sounded great during hunting season

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3.0 out of 5 stars  Did not cut it for me...
By KB on July 26, 2014
It may just be me, but I could not get a decent sound out of these to save my life. They were too small for my mouth and didn't fit the contour correctly. They also filled with saliva almost instantly and would not make any sound at all. When I did get a sound to emit, it sounded like a squeaky balloon deflating. I messed with them for about 30-minutes before giving up and submitting a return. Also, the big one was notched on both sides instead of just the right as instructions indicate.

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